GoCharge Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

1. Application

These terms of use shall be deemed the rental agreement between the rental power-bank provider iSapiens Innovations Pvt Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GoCharge”) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “User”) who is provided with the rental power-bank for use. GoCharge is a product of iSapiens Innovations Pvt Ltd.. The agreement is procured by the pick-up and return location (hereinafter referred to as “Point of Sale”). The User must register with GoCharge in order to use the rental service. The terms of use shall apply to Users registered with GoCharge.

All obligations vis-à-vis the User that result from these terms of use shall be solely fulfilled by GoCharge and not by the Point of Sale. The Point of Sale shall procure GoCharge’s service on a trust basis on behalf and for the account of GoCharge.

2. Term & termination of the rental service

3. Rental fee

The rental fee usually amounts to Rs. 15 (excluding GST); however, it may be changed due to price adjustments or promotions. The rental fee set out at the time the agreement is concluded shall apply. The rental fee shall authorise the User to consume the power contained in the power-bank and to use the rental power-bank for the maximum period of 3 days (including the day of receiving the power-bank).

4. Minimum balance

The User shall pay and maintain a minimum balance amounting to Rs. 300 at all times in GoCharge Wallet, in order to use the rental power-bank during the lending period. The deposit shall be refunded in full if the User wishes to close the GoCharge account. Processing fee may be applicable in case the user requests for refund.

5. Default fee

If the User fails to return the power-bank within the 3-day lending period, default fees amounting to Rs. 300 (inclusive of all applicable taxes) shall be deducted from the Minimum balance.

6. Payment

Users shall provide a valid means of payment in their account at GoCharge to maintain the Minimum balance. At the time of pick- up, the Minimum balance shall be withheld as security. The Minimum balance minus the rental charge shall be credited to the registered User’s GoCharge account at the time the rental power-bank is returned. The User can view the payment confirmation and receipt via the app.

7. Use

The rental power-bank shall only be used for charging conventional smartphones, mobile phones and tablets. The User shall use the rental power-bank carefully and as intended and protect it from misuse.

8. Misuse

The rental power-banks must not be misused. Misuse shall particularly be the deliberate soiling of and damage to power-bank, label or technical manipulations to the rental power-bank as well as incorrect use.

9. Return of the rental power-bank

The power-bank can be returned to all official GoCharge return locations, which are updated via the app.

10. Support

The User may use GoCharge’s support free of charge at any time in order to solve problems arising in connection with the use of the rental power-bank. Frequently asked questions are easily accessible within GoCharge App and on the website www.gocharge.co.in User can write to GoCharge via email to admin@gocharge.co.in.

11. Changes

GoCharge shall reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time. The respectively updated terms of use can be found at www.gocharge.co.in

12. Data protection & Privacy Policy

Data that are collected within the context of the service shall only be used by GoCharge and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

13. Guaranty, Warranty & Refund

If the rental power-bank shows a technical defect, it may be exchanged free of charge at the pick-up location within 10 minutes after pick-up. After 10 minutes, only the deposit, but not the rental fee may be reimbursed at the pick-up location. In this case, the User is required to contact GoCharge Support directly in order to claim the rental fee.

GoCharge recommends that the User checks the functionality of the rental power-bank immediately after pick-up. Further claims for damages or defect- related rights shall be excluded. The improper use or deliberate destruction by the User shall render the guaranty void.

14. Liability

The User shall be liable for loss of and damage to the power-bank up to the amount of the Minimum balance at most. GoCharge shall not be liable for damage caused by the User due to the improper use of the rental power-bank to himself/herself, his/her smartphone (or other devices) or third parties in intentional or negligent manner.

15. Applicable law & place of jurisdiction

Legal disputes between the User and GoCharge that arise from this agreement shall be subject to the Indian laws. Place of jurisdiction shall be Mumbai.

16. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this agreement be invalid or incomplete or should the fulfilment become impossible, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by relevant legal regulations.